Tim Theo Deceuninck (*1992, living and working in Belgium) is a photography based artist, city-farmer and time traveller. With his hands touching the ground, his work is in direct relation with nature, working in the field of regenerative ecologies / restorative histories / anachronistic aesthetics / rituals of growth and loss / social botany. Through historical processes and narratives, the artist tries to gain a deeper insight in the historical use and memory of the landscape. As part of his process he elaborates lens elements, focal points, early measuring instruments and camera mechanics to fully understand the photographic medium. Since the analogue photographic process is based on the use of silver nitrate, which needs toxic chemical development to make a latent image visible, Tim Theo Deceuninck got interested in non-toxic and non-iron based exposure and printing techniques. He started experimenting with different organic materials and methods of extracting light sensitive material from natural resources.








Solo Exhibition “Silver nor Gold”, The Locker, Brugges









Solo Exhibition “Letter to Mary S.”, CC de Schakel Waregem




Group exhibition “Input/Output”, Poortersloge Bruges

Artistic Direction “Brak” for Ventilateur, Het Entrepot Brugge



Solo Exhibition “8 Minutes from Sun to Earth”, KASK Cinema Ghent

Group Exhibition ‘Unexposed’, Photo Twens, 30CC Leuven

Group Exhibition “Spectrum”, CC de Brouckère Torhout

Group Exhibition “Kleureyck”, Design Museum Ghent

Group Exhibition “Looking for Serendipity”, KASK Ghent

Videography “Napoleon Ongehoord”, Multimediale Music-Theatre

Award “Price Roger De Coninck”, Koning Boudewijn Stichting 




Group Exhibition “Seeing Together: a synopsis”, Bijloke Ghent

Group Show “That-Has-Been / Traces as Evidence”, In de Ruimte Ghent

Group Show “A captured moment and a couple of minutes later”, Ravenstein Gallery Brussels

Group Show “KONVOOI”, Bruges

Curator “That-Has-Been / Traces as Evidence”, In de Ruimte Ghent




Solo Exhibition “What’s the Capital of California?”, Concertgebouw Brugge

Group Exhibition “WinterGhost”, Sint-Jakobs Church Ghent

Laureate “De Donkerste Kamer”




Solo Exhibition  “Between Reality and Perception”, Brugge Photo

Curator “FRONT”, Concertgebouw Brugge




 Solo Exhibition “A Chance Meeting with Latvia”, European Council Brussels




Master Visual Arts, Photography at Royal Academy of Arts Ghent (KASK) (2018-2020) Bachelor Photography at Sint-Lucas Brussels (2015 – 2018) Undertaker at Syntra (2013-2015)




Freelance photographer / videographer at Concertgebouw Brugge, Vooruit, S.M.A.K., het Entrepot, Musea Brugge, Cactus Muziekcentrum, Triënnale Brugge, Anima Eterna, Troubleyn – Jan Fabre, Ultima Vez, etc.

Framemaker at Kunstinlijstingen Atelier Derycke

2021 Copyright Tim Theo Deceuninck