Tim Theo Deceuninck (°1992) lives often wrongly parked and works in Bruges. His work reflects on the different features of the photographic medium itself and questions the relations between the technical parameters of the medium and the way photography shapes memory. The photographer is interested in old (pre)-photographic techniques to capture and register light. He investigates how the actual light is transformed into a miniature size that falls onto the negative and elaborates lens elements, focal points, early measuring instruments and camera mechanics to fully understand the photographic medium. Recently the photographer got interested in non-toxic and non-iron based exposure and printing techniques and started to perform multiple experiments with different plants and methods of extracting organic light sensitive material.


Group Exhibition “Colors, etc.”, Tripostal Lille

Group Exhibition “Spectrum”, CC de Brouckère Torhout
Group Exhibition “Sant2020”, Belforthallen Brugge


Group Exhibition “Kleureyck”, Designmuseum Ghent
Solo Exhibition “8 Minutes from Sun to Earth, KASK Cinema Ghent
Group Exhibition “Looking for Serendipity”, KASK Ghent

Group Exhibition “Seeing Together: a synopsis”, Bijloke Ghent
Group Show “KONVOOI”, Brugge
Group Show “A captured moment and a couple of minutes later”, Ravenstein Gallery Brussels
Groups Show “That-Has-Been / Traces as Evidence”, In de Ruimte Ghent

Group Exhibition “Tank Funeral”, Het Entrepot Brugge
Group Exhibition “Unfolded”, Sint-Lukas Brussels
Solo Exhibition “What’s the Capital of California?”, Concertgebouw Brugge
Group Exhibition “WinterGhost”, Sint-Jakobs Church Ghent

Solo Exhibition  “Between Reality and Perception”, Brugge Photo
Group Exhibition “Zwart – Wit”, De Tank Brugge
Curator “FRONT”, Concertgebouw Brugge

Solo Exhibition “A Chance Meeting with Latvia”, European Council Brussels


Master Visual Arts, Photography at Royal Academy of Arts Ghent (KASK) (2018-2020)
Bachelor Photography at Sint-Lucas Brussels (2015 – 2018)

Freelance photographer / videographer at Concertgebouw Brugge, Vooruit, S.M.A.K., het Entrepot, Cactus Muziekcentrum, Triënale Brugge, Anima Eterna, Troubleyn – Jan Fabre, 

2021 Copyright Tim Theo Deceuninck